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5-axis CNC Machining – Discover the Benefits of this New Machining Technology

What is CNC Machining?
MillingThe invention of Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) machining is one of the most important additions to the machining industry. These machines were developed to allow the common machining processes such as turning, boring and milling to be automated. Automating these processes allows repeated and complex cuts to be made more accurately than by conventional machining methods.
Conventional machining requires that a highly skilled operator constantly monitors the processes in order to ensure accuracy and precision. This brings the possibility and probability of human error over time. Projects that require tight tolerance and precision may suffer as a result. CNC machining relies on the execution of a computer program to convey the cutting instructions and delivers consistently accurate results with a remarkably tight tolerance.
CNC machining has revolutionized the industry by enabling high volume production with an extremely low variation and minimal supervision. It has also made complex cuts and shapes much easier to perform. It is now considered to be the standard for machining processes because the increased efficiency that it offers will offset the higher price of the machines very quickly.
The Next Revolution in Machining
Traditional CNC machining tools move on three different axes to remove excess materials. Working along three axes will produce accurate cuts at an acceptable speed. 5-axis CNC machining introduces new technology that allows the machine to move along two more axes. This usually means that the item can be rotated and the tool itself can be tilted.
5-axis machining is poised to be the next revolution in the machining industry because of the excellent opportunities this new technology offers. The additional axes make it possible to produce much more complicated shapes quicker and more efficiently. These machines also add an increased element of repeatable efficiency to volume work that can be accomplished with a normal 3-axis machine. A 5-axis turning or milling machine will make quicker, more precise cuts and produce a better surface finish in much less time. This increased precision helps to ensure consistency through a run of parts. Tooling costs are significantly reduced and the amount of labour required per part decreases.
The increased efficiency and intricate machining capabilities come at a price. The 5-axis machines are more expensive than 3-axis machines due to the new technology that is used. The huge increase in efficiency and reduced labour costs with every single product recovers the extra costs in a very short timeframe making these new machines an excellent investment.
The Best Possible Machining Products
5-axis machining equipment makes it possible to produce parts that have a tight tolerance quickly and efficiently. A machine shop that invests in 5-axis machines is displaying a dedication to using the latest technologies and modern manufacturing methods. The best machine shops will also invest in highly skilled operators to ensure that the 5-axis machines are used to their full capacity.
It is usually beneficial for a machine shop to have conventional machining equipment, 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machines available to ensure flexibility for both custom and volume projects. This also allows for repair and emergency work to be performed as necessary.
Discover the benefits of 5-axis CNC machining by choosing a machine shop that employs this exciting technology today.
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